Samsung DDR4 16GB Server Ram 2133MHZ EEC 1.2v - M393A2G40DBO-CPB

Samsung DDR4 16GB Server Ram 2133MHZ EEC 1.2v - M393A2G40DBO-CPB
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 Samsung DDR4 16GB Server Ram 2133MHZ EEC 1.2v - M393A2G40DBO-CPBSamsung DDR4 16GB Server Ram 2133MHZ EEC 1.2v - M393A2G40DBO-CPB 
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No stock, discontinued

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Samsung DDR4 SDRAM

Samsung DDR4 SDRAM is the new generation of high-performance, power-efficient memory that delivers greater reliability for enterprise applications. The right memory solution can be one of your most important competitive advantages. Samsung leads the industry with cutting-edge DRAM technology to heighten the success of your designs.

Meet diverse enterprise workload demands with higher bandwidth and reduced power consumption

Accelerated adoption of cloud computing, virtualization and high-performance computing (HPC) technologies has made higher-performing, higher-density memory a key factor for server operation. Highly virtualized environments enable companies to run numerous applications on a single server instead of multiple servers. A single server with more virtual machines (VMs) requires not only a higher processor speed, but also higher memory densities.

Requirements for memory are become more diverse to support a wide range of enterprise server applications, from less critical workloads to those that are mission critical. Enterprise-level tasks that run on high-end servers, such as database access or transaction processing, need a large capacity of in-memory systems and higher reliability. Mid-range servers used for virtualization or consolidation require high bandwidth and scalability. Small form factor, lower power consumption and low cost are essential requirements for workloads on low-end servers used for web, collaboration and infrastructure systems.

Rising energy costs and the need to provide greater environmental sustainability are also placing demands on chipmakers and server vendors. A server running a virtualized environment can achieve a higher utilization that, in turn, increases the total power consumption of the server. As a result, CPU and server companies are focusing intently on the development of next-generation green IT systems.

The memory that supports next-generation, green IT systems should meet the diverse demands of enterprise workloads with higher performance, increased density, improved reliability and low power consumption.

16GB Server RAM

Designed for Servers• 16 GB Capacity Single Stick/Module• Dual Rank• DDR4 RAM• 2133 MHz Frequency• ECC• Registered